Thursday, May 21, 2015

KicKee Life

A little while back, the ridiculously amazing brand KicKee Pants contacted me and asked me to do a little collaboration. I got to take pictures of my own family in our most favorite pjs ever-
Seriously...Sign. Me. UP!! 
Check out the photos and write-up I did for them below and don't forget to
 click the link
to check out the rest of their awesome blog!

KicKee Life: Basics - A Photo Story With The M Family

We are excited to share our very first KicKee Life Photo Story, and this time we're talking about Basics! This collection has been around from the very beginning back when Basics was all we had! Now, 8 years later, it's still here offering you the classic KP look and those one of a kind colors you have come to love. 
We have invited the ever so talented photographer, mom, wife, and best Instagram caption writer of all time, Jordan (@jjmaconachy), to share her family's KicKee Life with us. We took notice of all of the magical moments she captures and now, after a few bed time stories, a little baking, many KicKee Pants snuggles, and a whole slew of new basics, we can't wait to share them with you! 
Follow us on our KicKee Life: Basics journey for the next 10 days as we explore all 10 colors through the eyes of the M Family! 

Well,  hello there, fellow KicKee lovers!  I'm sure you are here because, like me, you are obsessed with these ingeniously soft and adorable pjs.
Seriously though, what's not to love? Not much, if you ask me!
Speaking of asking me…I was asked to share a little bit about my family's KicKee Life with you.
Perhaps some introductions are in order first, because clearly we are going to be New Best "KicKee" Friends!

My name is Jordan and I'm a mama to 2 precious (most of the time) little girls, Quinlin and Ardyn, and wife to my college sweetheart. My husband and I always knew that our calling in life was to be parents and when that road turned out to be a bit bumpier than we had expected (we're talking major pot holes & road blocks, people) we were heartbroken- but determined. The day we found out we were pregnant with my oldest daughter there was much celebrating... followed by MUCH shopping! I made my way into a local children's boutique that I had always lusted after from afar but never had reason to enter.  And there it was- the sparkling rack of the cutest, softest, teensiest pajamas I had ever laid eyes upon. So I piled them high, hanger upon hanger of everything pink, and made my way to the cash register. This is how KicKee and I first met. We've been in love ever since and never looked back. We have a thriving & very blissful relationship. ;)

All joking aside, 3 1/2 years and another miracle baby later and we are still living in our KicKees over here. And if you own even one pair of KP then you already know why! Seriously, these pjs are the coziest jammies E-V-E-R.  When the girls were tiny newborns there was nothing softer and more convenient than the KicKee gowns (Helllooo easy diaper access!) and as the girls grew we found that our other non-KicKee pjs were shrinking with each wash and were getting tight and uncomfortable on the girls way before they out-grew them. Quin started demanding her "Kicks" at bedtime and it was (ok, still IS) a struggle getting her to peel those bad boys off every morning. It's a struggle I'm not willing to fight most mornings, and so, we stay in our pjs as often as (acceptably) possible. Cooking brownies, finger painting, singing & dancing, riding bikes, playing dolls, eating the dog's food (yep.), reading stories, snuggling in bed. You name it, my girls are doing it in their KicKee Pants.  It takes a lot to find pjs that can withstand the mayhem & destruction caused by my children...if only my house were as durable! ;)

In fact, one of my favorite things has been seeing Ardyn in her big sis' KP hand-me-downs. Each pair of jammies holds such special memories and every time I have to pack up a pair and ship it off to "Attic-Land", I shed a tear. (Yes, I'm that mom. Be honest- you know you are, too!) The bonus of having two girls however, is knowing that I'll  get to see most of those sweet little footies again on my youngest babe, one day! And, I don't know about you, but unpacking memories from the attic and seeing them brought back to life on my little one is just my favorite, ever!

With a budding fashionista (Miss Q) on our hands, she & I find it so much fun to sit down at my computer and look at all the new styles and designs together. She gets to pick out her favorites which is really a win-win, because she loves being in charge and clearly I do, too- because here's my little OCD secret… are you ready?
Lean it is- They are ALL cute!
All. of. them.
I'm seriously addicted and feel the need to collect these pjs like they are going out of style.
Which is, ironically, the very last thing they are doing!
So that's us- a KicKee family through-and-through. We've been through the newborn gown and the ruffle-butt footie stage (my personal favorite) ; we are in love with the coveralls (perfect for wobbly little walkers!) and have a newfound obsession with the rompers. Oh, hi summer wardrobe, how are you? Something tells me it's going to be a whole lot easier to get Quinlin to change out of her KicKee pjs this summer …into Kickee play rompers!
Here are a few snapshots of us "Kickin' it in our KicKee Basics" (Sorry. I had to.)
So now that we're friends, I hope you'll come find me on instagram so that we can share and compare all of our KP stories and overall adorable goodness!

xo, KicKee Lovers!


Monday, March 16, 2015

The B Family

Ok, time to buckle down & get serious. Babe is napping, Q is at school, coffee is nearby and I'm delving into the realm of hard drives to bring you...
 "Blogs of Families Past". 
Otherwise known as- Playing Catch Up!

I shot the B Family early this past Fall. They happen to be good friends, but also happen to be some of the most gorgeous people, inside and out. I mean, check out the cuteness factor on these little babes!!!
Sorry for taking 7 months to blog your session, B Family.  
Better late than never? 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Waiting for Daddy

Waiting for Daddy to come home might be the most exciting time of the day for the girls. 
Quin is debating where she should hide so Daddy won't be able find her, Ardyn is a flurry of shrieking excitement just watching her big sister bounce around the house. Random hugs are given, wrestling matches ensue, and most usually someone winds up getting hurt (...or annoyed. Hello, Ardyn.) Zoe blinks lazily and watches what has become her new norm and mommy uses this as the perfect opportunity to catch that candid shot of the babe holding her bottle the way that she does. Because, oh sweet Lord, I never want to forget it.
 Curtains are pulled back, windows are sat in (and licked, breathed on, finger & face printed) and dinner grows cold at the table. Because, duh, who can eat when they are this excited? 

 (Good luck finding her, Daddy...)


Monday, March 2, 2015

Snowy Days

Snow Days call for Snowy Behavior...
cabin fever & sled rides

Ardyn Turns One

How in the world is that possible?
Happiest Birthday to my sweet little Ary Bear.
I'm sorry you hated your birthday cake...

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