Monday, June 9, 2014

Father's Day 3.0

Hello All!

I know, I's been about 100 years. I apologize and hope to be back on the radar more often now that the newest Baby Maconachy is getting a bit easier to manage. Did I mention I had a new baby? Oh, yes. Well, more on that later...

 Anyways, I wanted to jump on before it was too late and share our newest Father's Day picture. This has been SUCH a fun tradition for our family. My husband thought it was adorable the first year, but I believe he got teary the second year when he saw how much his baby girl had grown (and sprouted pig tails). I can not WAIT to give him this latest installment with our latest little "installment" included! ;)

Since we are going to be away for Father's Day this year, we are celebrating a bit early and I wanted to share this with you all so you could see the progression. It's never too late to start this yearly tradition for your own family!

So, an early Happy Father's Day to all of your fabulous Daddies out there and especially to ours...he's kind of the best!
For more on how the tradition started- click here .

Father's Day 3.0 

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