Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Girl and A Fan

"The magic of childhood is imagination and wonder..." -L.R. Knost

Pretty amazing how she can entertain herself, this one. 
Usually while I'm working on my computer, she'll venture into this guest room just off my office and jump, play and explore. And usually I smile as I hear the conversations she has with her sister, the dog, or herself. But today, I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my camera and ventured into her world. In just about 10 minutes she "flew to Neverland", sang like Ariel...and then Ursula, was Captain Hook steering his ship, became a pop star, and then settled down to "read" my Phillipa Gregory novel in the laundry room. I wish I could be inside of this girl's head...but these images are just about as close as it gets. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Soccer Ball"

Q joined her first ever soccer team. They have cute little uniforms and they are all about kicking the ball into the nearest net (whomever's it might be).
 Plus, Q calls it "Soccer Ball" which pretty much just makes the whole thing THAT much cuter...

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