Thursday, September 12, 2013

Q's First Day of Dance

So I've pretty much been planning this day since I found out that I was having a little girl 2 1/2 years ago. I anxiously awaited her 2nd birthday and called the studio the very next day to schedule her very first dance class. I had purchased every dance article and accessory- from leotards with matching tutus all the way down to the leg warmers. Yes, leg warmers.

I. Was. Ready.
Unfortunately...Quin was not.

For those of you who follow along with our adventures on Instagram (@jjmaconachy), you will know how this story ends. For those of you who don't's a little recap.

Dance Day arrives.
I've got Q prepped and primped and she is cutest ballerina-- ever.
We enter the dance studio lobby.
Obviously, we are first in line.
Q and I are both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. She's skipping around the room. I'm strategically choosing my seat on the benches so that I can begin my "Dance Mom" reign and of course, have the best view of Q's classroom monitor screen.
Everyone's excited.
Q's tutu is sparkling, ballet slippers tied, buns high and slicked back on her head.
"Mommy, I do circles" she screeches as she spins around the lobby, knocking down several small children. I'm already envisioning how she will be the star of Abby Lee Miller's competition team one day.

Then the dance teacher walks out...and all hell broke loose.

The teachers make an announcement about how no parents are allowed in the room and that they'll be back with our kids in an hour at the end of class. Q looks from the teacher to me- back and forth. Surely, you aren't suggesting I follow this stranger? All the little tutu-clad girlies line up behind the teacher...except for mine- who at this point has begun heaving and screaming bloody murder while hanging onto my legs like a monkey. I walk her to class, or should I say, I walk to her class with her riding on my legs- peel her off of me and quickly back out of the room.

Back in the lobby- I've lost my optimal seating and notice how all the other moms are watching my child's tantrum on the monitors. (Dance Mom dreams on the decline...)

Eventually the teacher comes out covered in my kid's tears and snot and invites me to come sit in the room. Well, that didn't help any. In fact, it made it worse, because all the moms gave me the stare of death and then the students saw me come in and they all started crying for THEIR moms. Embarrassment and insane amounts of sweating all around.

Needless to say, this went a tiny bit worse than I had planned.
Oh well, next week will be better...

The next week,  I strategically planned to have my husband drop her off since "obviously she is less attached to him and won't cry as much".
Obviously- not.

I arrive after the kids are already in class and find a seat. I find Q on the monitor and Whoa!! She is spinning and leaping around in the dance room! I am beaming.
Whew!! I knew she'd get better! She dances all the time at home- I knew she'd love it once she warmed up! I'm so proud of her...just look at how cute she looks in her little black tutu...
wait...I'm pretty sure I put her in a pink tutu today...

Yep, wrong kid.

Just as my ego is slowly deflating, I noticing the sound of screaming getting louder. Then out walks the dance teacher with my child on her hip- sobbing uncontrollably. And front of everyone, she hands me my screaming, red-faced toddler and says:

"Why don't you try again when she's older? See you then."

Kicked. Out.

I'm pretty sure I've never been kicked out of anything in my life. With all eyes on us, I try to stealthily slink out of the dance lobby- serenaded by a chorus of whispers "oh, poor thing", "so sad", "what a loser mom".
Ok so maybe I made that last one up...but that's what they might as well have been saying!

Dance Mom dreams- CRUSHED! (Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with the show, Dance Moms?)

Well, don't worry everyone...Quinnie and I are not quitters and there are way too many unused dance outfits at home for this story to have such a sad ending.

Fast Forward to today.
Mommy and Me Dance Class.
The very last resort.

After 10 minutes of leg clinging and blood-curdling screams, Q finally calmed down and...danced! I think I could even say that once she realized that I wasn't going anywhere- she actually had a good time!

So, why am I "forcing" my kid to do dance class, you ask? I'm actually not...although this blog post may imply otherwise. You see, every day she asks to put on her dance outfit. She then requests that we watch "Barney Circle" which is the excruciatingly annoying episode of Barney where they talk about dancing and show a clip of a little ballet class spinning in circles. She watches that damn thing on repeat...copying every last move those little ballerinas make. "Look Mama- toes! Me do circle!" The kid is obsessed. So I'm not forcing her to dance- she asks for it every day. She's just not quite ready to leave my side yet. And you know what...with as fast as she's growing up. I'm okay with her clinging to me for a little longer.

And so, from now on, every Thursday at 10:30 am- I will be donning my butterfly wings and flapping my arms, leaping, and crawling around on the floor making animal noises with my little Mama's girl. Because, in case you were wondering, that's what you do in Mommy and Me Dance Class.

First position can wait for now...and happily, so can Quin.

Luckily, I was able to get some shots of Q's very first day of Dance Class - before the madness ensued. Oh, the memories we are making together, my little girly...

 And for those of you who, Q and I will not be wearing matching tutus to class, and yes- I do have two left feet. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Not Back to School Just Yet...

Call me crazy, but I'm pretty grateful that she's not leaving me just yet
...although, she may not feel the same. ;)
Cherishing these "baby years" that fly by all too quickly.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fall Minis

Update: Fall Minis are BOOKED! 
I will let you all know about any cancellations or last minute openings.

Hello Friends!

After much consideration, I made the decision to not take any more FULL sessions (this includes full child, family, newborn, maternity, etc.) for the remainder of 2013.  Instead, I will be offering a limited number of Fall Minis. This will allow me to catch up with old clients, meet some new faces, while also keeping my workload in check and allowing me to spend time with my family. Last holiday season was so crazy that I felt as if I was hardly present to enjoy it with my own loved ones. 
Not that I don't love my clients...but you get what I'm saying. :)

Below is the info for Fall Minis. 
Emails have already been sent out to current clients, so if you are interested--hurry, hurry!

Due to travel, family events, and workshops I will be attending this Fall, I only have room to open about 10-12 slots!

Can't wait to see you soon!

email: to BOOK TODAY

*fine print*
-includes immediate family members only
-all family sessions must occur outdoors 
-outdoor shoots are booked during golden hour (sunset)
-studio sessions available for children only
-a CD of images mailed to your home is an additional $10
-Blackout Dates (unavailable) Include:
September: 12-16th
October: 3-7th, 29-31st
November: 1-10th, 27-30th

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day

So, I'm a little late to the game...but Happy Father's Day! a little sidetracked somewhere in June. Anyways, wanted to share these personal pics- I hope you don't mind...

So least year, when I was just beginning to delve into the realm of photography (enter beautiful brown bed sheet as backdrop) I came up with this idea for a Father's Day shoot. See, I used to be a teacher and every year for Father's Day I'd bring in a button up, a tie, some funky "dad" hats, mustaches, glasses, etc. and have my students "dress up" as their dads. I'd take a picture, have the kids paste it to the front of some construction, and viola- best Father's Day card ever! Tears, every year I tell ya. I basically made a mental note to myself: "Do not forget this idea when you have kids one day".
Well many years later and wouldn't you know- that little mental note alarm went off in my brain and I was so excited to take this photo and give it to my husband for his first ever Father's Day. It was a hit (despite my less-than-stellar photog skills) and I vowed to do it again the next year.

Well, when my hubby opened up this year's picture he just about cried (...and it wasn't because he was impressed with my photography skill growth. j/k)  You see, even though he sees his girl every day- he keeps that original Father's Day picture on his desk at work. He looks at it all day, every day. In his head, our little girl is frozen in time in that picture. Seeing the picture this year, seeing how different, how grown she looks from the original pictures just brought him to tears. It was as if the whole year that had past came rushing forward to catch up with him. There she was, our little girl, pig-tails sprouted, sassy attitude and all. She wasn't a baby anymore. And although I know it breaks his heart, I know he'll replace the office picture with this new one. Because next year, when she looks even older, he'll look at this current one and wish she was this tiny still. Thus is the viscous cycle of "time".

So now, the only problem is that I need to somewhat stick to the original cheese-ball set-up every year. I figure, it's just for us- so let it be cheesy! It's not about the ugly backdrop and silly's about that adorable little miracle baby of ours...growing right before our eyes. She's pretty much amazing....We think so anyways!

So Happy Belated Father's Day to all of the amazing Daddies & Pop-pops  out there. I knew I married a keeper way back when and I loved him a lot, but it wasn't until I saw him with my daughter that I realized my love for this man would never be the same. Quin and I are pretty lucky ladies to have him in our lives. We love you, Ry!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I grew up on the east I'm a huge "seasons" girl. I seriously love them all, for a million different reasons. And it goes without saying that whatever season is coming up next becomes my new "favorite". What can I say? I love the change, the holidays, the anticipation...
Well, this weekend was the first time it really started to feel like summer around here (and it had nothing to do with the 90+ degree weather, I promise). We swam all day, ate dinner on patios, and Q had her first experience with the ice cream truck. It was heaven. I think it's safe to say that summer is my absolute favorite season of all.
...for now.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


If you followed the thread on our facebook page regarding resizing and uploading images to the web, this may be helpful for you. Both images were saved with the same editing, both at 960/640, 300dpi, one as jpeg, the other as png, using MCP Facebook Fix resize and sharpening actions.
 What's your preference? I know mine...


Friday, June 7, 2013


...and the livin's easy.

Another day, another blog submission! I love monthly challenges and this one is over at Rock the Shot. Be sure to check out their amazing summer submissions! :)
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