Friday, February 1, 2013

Little Miss C's Cake CRASH

I had the pleasure of shooting this little cutie's 1 year Cake Smash last week on her actual birthday! She's just the cutest, happiest, smushiest baby ever and she sure knows how to have her cake & eat it too! 

...that is, until her Cake Smash turned into a Cake "Crash" when her giant doggy Farley jumped in for a, photo opp! 

Poor little thing just wasn't ready to share that big ol' birthday cake!

Psst...don't worry..."doggy crash" was actually mommy's idea and sweet Miss C had a brand new cake waiting for her in the other room!! 

Thanks for sharing your special day with me, B Family!!


aniusia said...

Hi Jordan,
I am a huge fan of your work, can you share with me how you created that kind of background? I am looking for background recommendation, I have a similar floor to yours and I don't know what would look good with it. Your help would be highly appreciated.


Jordan Maconachy said...

Hi Ania! Thank you so much for stopping by!! Of course I'll share! I used my backdrop stand and literally taped rolls and rolls worth of streamer strips onto the top bar of the stand! The key is:
1. To use a few different color shades. for example, I used dark pink, light pink, and white to give it that extra dimension.
2. To allow the strips to cascade onto the floor. This gave it the "billowing" look where the streamers hit the floor (and also allowed me to hide the gap between my dark hardwood and the white floor drop! :)

Best of luck!! -J

aniusia said...

You are fantastic! Thank you so so much. I really appreciate it.

aniusia said...


I utilized your idea in my session today. The mom absolutely loved your idea when I showed her your pictures. I posted a link if you would like to see how it went today. I have a lot to learn, i edit only in Lightroom and am afraid of photoshop...but I know I will learn it one day. i am very grateful that you kindly let me copy your work.
I am located in Michigan and am very inspired by your work. I found you through Liz L. Thank you so very much.

Jordan Maconachy said...

Hi there Ania, you are most welcome and I certainly didn't "invent" the think of it as us "sharing" ideas instead of copying!! ;-)

I think your session turned out ADORABLE! Great work!! :)

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