Thursday, October 10, 2013

Planes, Flare, and Automobiles

Mr. M (which stands for Man) is one of my favorite little dudes. It just so happens that his actual name starts with M too, but Mr. Man suits him just as well. This kiddo is ALL BOY and I love every inch of him.

I'm been photographing him since the day he was born, literally. (Ok, so maybe it helps that his mama and I have been BFFs since the days of all-nighters, sorority parties, and mac & cheese for dinner on the pull-out couch. But I'm pretty sure I'd be just as obsessed with him if we weren't.)

Knowing this little man's love of planes, cars, and...well, running-- I came prepared for this shoot! His Mama and I may have lost a few pounds chasing after him...but for that, we thank you, Mr. Man! xo

Since Mom isn't using these pics for Christmas cards, I can finally share some pics with you of someone other than my own child! You're Welcome.  ;)


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