Sunday, November 11, 2012


 So throughout our vacation, my camera took quite a beating...needless to say, buttons that shouldn't have been pushed, were pushed and tonight when I ventured out for a shoot I noticed my camera was acting funky. I started playing around, did some research and realized that I was unknowingly "br
acketing". This is something I had never fooled around with before and had NO idea how to use. Basically, even though I had my camera set to manual, my camera was taking 3 different shots with 3 different settings for each "click" of the shutter- adjusting my SS and ISO each time. Here is what 3 sequential images looked SOOC. At first I found this annoying, but now that I know how to use this function of my camera, I find it pretty handy...because from these 3 images I was able to merge them to create the bottom (edited) image!!
I'm sure most of you know all about bracketing, but I thought I'd share for those of you who are still learning something new about your camera every day- like me! Photography is pretty amazing stuff, huh?
Here is how bracketing works: On my camera (Nikon D700) you hold down the Fn button on the front of your camera while turning the main command dial to number you prefer. You'll know you are bracketing when the (+/-) symbol is blinking on your top display. I had (mistakenly) set my camera to bracket at -3F, so it was taking 3 different versions of each image at 3 different setting combos. It's kind of fun to play around that I understand it! ;)


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