Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Pullback

Hi there, friends! Thanks for stopping by. Here is the pullback from the Christmas shot I posted the other day. I think you are going to be really excited to learn how simple it was to pull off this cute pic! 
I hope you enjoy this "Behind the Scenes Peek"...please feel free to post your version of this shot on my page if you try it out! I'd love to see all the variations!! Enjoy, friends! :)


bhphotog said...

Hi JJM photography! I found you through your wonderful mentor and have been following you ever since! I have a similar setup but only natural light from my front window that really limits me because it isn't quite facing the right direction and the trees around my home don't help either...I only have a short window of time during the day (IF it's sunny) to get good shots. I can't tell if you have a window in this room, but thought I'd ask if you do, and where it is, and if not, what studio lights are you using?
Thanks and love your work! Brooke Helms Photography!!!

Jordan Maconachy said...

Hi Brooke!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet compliment!! I guess I should have shown a flip shot of the other side of the room. I only use natural light as well, and yes- that room has 4 very large windows directly opposite of my setup. I get pretty good light in there, no matter what type of day it is! What type of equipment are you using? I used to be much more limited with my lighting when I was using my Nikon D3100, or D5100. When I made the upgrade to a full-frame camera, my ISO capabilities just shot through the roof! It's amazing how high I can crank my ISO (if I need to) and still not get any noise! Can you change your setup to a different angle so that it is getting direct light from your window? Another idea is to get some reflectors. If you don't have a big budget, go grab some white poster boards, or even white sheets/blankets. Use these to help reflect & increase the light in the room. You can set them on an angle to the sides of your window to help capture and reflect more light into the room! Worth a try!! Best of luck to you, Brooke!! :)

nicolemcdanielphoto said...

Thanks for sharing! Can you share what size floor this is?

bhphotog said...

I just saw your reply! Of thank you so much, you are too sweet to take your time and respond! If you are anyhting like me, you are crazy busy right now!! :]~
I have a nikon D700 but I'm worried it's a little off. I can't really go above ISO 800 without getting alot of grain and I have 50mm 1.4, and 24-70 2.8, so I'm using good and fast glass, I bought it slightly used, and I think I may just go get the 600 or 800 pretty soon. Even if I go up to 2000, it's like I don't get that much better light but alot more noise, I'm not sure what the problem is. So when you say through the roof capability, give me an example. I'm curious if there really is something wrong with my 700. :)
Oh and I'm dying to know what your friend at Helen John Photography told you to make your photog life easier, I sure need a little hapl in that department right now. I've been struggling with calling it quits after December, I'm just so darn burned out, and at the point where I need to charge more, but then would feel the need to go buy bigger better equipment, get a studio, etc...I'm at a crossroads, but my quality of life and my kids lives are suffering :(
I've had a blog and website for 5 months now, and haven't even had time to finish the site and have yet to start on the blog...I can't even get my masthead image and logo on there right. I started backwards (got rerally busy and now trying to go back and do all the business side of things).
Sorry to vent, wish I could come spend a day with you to have some girl photog time.

Jordan Maconachy said...

Hi Nicole! This was a 60"x60". It's pretty small, so sometimes I need to clone/transform to cover my shot if I shoot wide! I believe it was from Swanky Prints! :)

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