Sunday, January 20, 2013

Looking Back

So this month over at Rock the Shot, they asked us to look back on the past year and choose our favorite photo. For shutter-happy nuts, like myself...choosing one photo from (literally) thousands is NO easy task.  Add the fact that this past year was the first year of my photography journey and the job becomes even harder!
I decided to take this task seriously and really reflect. I narrowed my favorites down to a handful of photos and then sat with each one for a few minutes. There were several from the beginning of the year that meant a lot to me sentimentally- but I was still learning and, well...let's just say they were "technically lacking" ;-)
I finally chose this photo. It may look like any other cute photo, but this image actually means a great deal to me. This photo shoot was a turning point for me in my photography career.
I remember the day I took this picture. I was trying out a new location, I was paying attention to the was the first time that everything really came together for me as a photographer. It was the first time that everything I had learned and had been practicing finally clicked. It was this photo that took me from dipping my toes in the photography pool to diving in, head first!
And so, for that reason alone, it is my favorite image of 2012.
...ok, so maybe the cutie pie in the picture doesn't hurt either! 
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