Thursday, February 28, 2013

18 months

So, I've been taking pictures of Q every month since that surreal day we brought her home from the hospital. Every month, I also wrote to her (old fashioned pen-and-paper-style) in my journal. After 12 months (when those convenient little onesie stickers ended) I stopped taking the monthly pictures. (Don't worry- she got plenty of camera time anyway!)
Well, I'm not sure what happened to time, but suddenly she is 18 months old...halfway to being 2!!! I figured it was a big enough milestone to break out the old "monthly picture" photo shoot again. I've always taken her monthly pictures in her bedroom, so I decided to keep with the theme. I also took a page from the fabulously inspiring DrewB, from Mom*Tog and decided to actually publish my letter to Q this time around. Skip to the pictures if you want. But, this one's for you, Q...

Q, Quinnie the Pooh Bear, Cake, Quinner, Quinosaurus, Quinniest, Bean, Pumpkin Noodle Soup (don't ask), Quinnie Boo Boo, Love Bucket, Angel Baby, My precious Quinlin Rhys--
Wow, I don't even know what happened...but all of a sudden you are 18 months old! That's half way to being 2...which Mommy can't even think about right now without tearing up. I thought you were such a big girl when you turned one a few months ago, and now when I look back at the pictures from your birthday party, you look like such a bitty baby. 

Daddy and I were looking at your pictures the other night, trying to pinpoint the exact time and place where you started looking so "old". We decided it happened somewhere in the past month. Something changed...your hair grew in, your chunk baby cheeks melted away, and you sprouted up like a little bean pole.

Although I miss cradling you in my arms and feeding you baby food, I love watching you grow, too. You are such a little person now with a mind of your own! You run EVERYWHERE, climb on EVERYTHING (I blame MyGym for that one), you love car rides, bathies, and eating. You request 'tatoes for every meal and say mmmm after every bite, which makes me just want to kiss those little mashed potato covered lips. You rock some major bed head, are obsessed with turtles, love reading, and you can't get enough of  "Melmo", "Buddies", "Mo" or "Rella" (aka Elmo, Curious Buddies, Nemo, or Tangled). Mommy's had quite enough of all of them, if I'm being honest.  You love stacking blocks until they topple over and you will sit and play with your Disney figurines for hours. I love finding them lined up on every and any hard surface around the house...except for the little purple octopus, which mommy constantly thinks is a tarantula.

You are such a free spirit and you are finally starting to give me the "cheese" face when I break out the camera. I know, as a photographer, I shouldn't encourage this....but it's the cutest little face I've ever seen and I want to pinch those tiny dimpled cheeks when you give me that smile! You love to dance, squeeze your puppy, and rearrange and delete all the apps on mommy's phone. You are also obsessed with the potty and it's hard to believe that I may need to actually start potty training you soon! 

You are my sunshine, and you always be. You are growing into such a loving, happy, spirited little girl and I love that you now have an opinion and a say in everything! (Did I mention that your new favorite word is "no"?) You seriously are a little ray of sunshine in our lives. I can't believe that there ever existed a time when you weren't in it!

I love you my tiny little angel matter how feisty you may be at times! As so, as I tell you every night before bed, "Mommy loves you Quinlin Rhys, more than anything in this whole wide world. She loves you forever and ever and always, no matter what. And don't you ever forget it."

A little comparison.
(Don't judge my photography skills back then, baby...Mama didn't really know what she was doing!)  Eeeeee....look at how teensy you were!!


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