Thursday, February 14, 2013

VDay Editing Sesh!

Happy Heart Day, friends!
Here's a little before and after with some super simple editing tips, from me to you. 
A little way of saying thank YOU for your continued means more than you will ever know!

Ready to edit in 3 simple steps without using ANY actions? 
Here we go...

Straight out of camera image:

1. The very first thing I did was run a basic curves layer. I knew I wanted to brighten up the mid-tones but I also did not want to loose the colors of the sunset in the background, sooo after running curves (#1), I used a black brush to erase the curves layer just along the horizon line and the sky (#2). 
See the subtle difference?

(with full curves layer applied- see how the colors from the sunset are all washed out?) 

(with horizon painted black to bring back color)

2. My next step was to add a yellow photo filter to warm up the skin tones. I lowered the opacity to about 20%. I then painted this off the rocks and the blue sky, leaving it just on her skin and on the horizon line. (I could have "sunnied" the image up using a few other steps, but I'm going to keep it simple for now!)

3. My last step was some major tinkering with 3 of my favorite, burn, and sponge! I burnt out the corner edges for depth, sponged over the colors I really wanted to "pop", and lastly did a quick (large, soft) dodge brush over her to make her really jump off the screen.

*Note: Be careful with the sponge tool. "Excessive Sponging" can cause some chromatic aberrations (I just learned alll about this!)  in your image (which I don't always mind, necessarily...but everyone has a different opinion!). Pretty sure I caused some in my final image but I don't mind for this particular photo.

 Aside from some knit-picky cloning adjustments, that's all I did! Here's the finished image again along with a side by side b&a (so you don't need to keep scrolling to the top)! 

Hope you enjoyed this super simple 3 step edit!!

~Before & After~

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(just so I know whether or not I should continue doing them!) 


Adele said...

Love this! She's so cute! Will definitely try this edit one day :3

Meredith said...

I just wanted to tell you that I found your blog through Momtog (maybe??? I can't remember). I've been trying to teach myself photography and taking better pictures of my kids. I love your style and appreciate your tutorial on this. I'd love to see more

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