Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rock the Shot- Red!

You know how sometimes a photo just "clicks" with you? Well, that's what this one does for me. True, I've got about a gazillion photos of Miss Q, but there is something about this pictures that just melts my heart...the way her tiny little toes are dangling off the chair, the golden light in the background, the pops of red, her little eye peeping over her teddy...the way she is sqeezing the life out of that poor little bear!  I can almost see the face she's making behind that teddy, can't you? 

I love the sweetness of it, the simpleness. I feel like "Mama" is going to stick her head out the window of that little red house in the distance any minute and yell, "Dinner!" Anyone else getting the Little House on the Prairie vibe? No...just me? Ok (...maybe the tutu is throwing you off?)
 he he he.

This image was submitted to Rock the Shot's February Photo Challenge: RED. Head on over and check out some of the other amazing entries! 


Helen John said...

love it!!! go jordan!! XOXO

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